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Toto Bona Lokua ‘Bondeko’


The Toto Bona Lokua trio – composed of Gerald Toto, Richard Bona and Lokua Kanza – have finally got together again, three years after the release of their successful Totobonalokua.

Bondeko, fittingly, translates as ‘friendship’ or ‘fraternity’ in the Congolese language of Lingala – one of the many tongues spoken by the cosmopolitan trio. Released on Paris-based label Nø Førmat! and produced by label founder Laurent Bizot, the album sees the friends pick up where they left off while delivering music that is even more nuanced and finely detailed.

Sensual melodies and swaying rhythms overlap, as roots intersect and three distinctive musical personalities melt into one, their voices combining as felicitously as the exquisite harmonies of Crosby, Stills and Nash or the unique vocal layerings of Bobby McFerrin.

The group have trailed the release with the irresistibly swaying ‘Ma Mama‘.