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Plaza Francia Orchestra ‘S/T’


Following the critical success of Plaza Francia’s first album A New Tango Songbook (2014), Gotan Project‘s Christophe H Müller and Eduardo Makaroff instinct has been to go deeper now, rather than sideways. Plaza Francia has mutated into the Plaza Francia Orchestra, an assemblage of the finest young tango musicians in Paris, which is another way of saying among the finest in the world.

The core has been lifted from TAXXI (as in ’TA-ngo’ of the XXI i.e. 21st century), the orchestra lead by bandoneon player Pablo Gignoli. The line up is completed by Paris-based singer Maria Muliterno, a very gifted young woman from Argentina who Müller & Makaroff discovered singing tango in the streets of Paris, plus guest vocalists Catherine Ringer (Les Rita Mitsouko) and Cap Verdean diva Lura, both as tango as they come!