Orouni 'Nora' - Oui Love - New French Music

Orouni ‘Nora’


Shot by director Shanti Masud, the video for Orouni’s ‘Nora (Naked)’ finds inspiration in various artistic references, both of them from Scandinavia.

The track itself finds its origin in a  three-act drama written by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen in 1879, A Doll’s House (Et Dukkehjem) in which a woman, Nora Helmer, wishes to divorce, making the play a disruptive performance in the context of the social norms of that time, and Nora a major figure of female emancipation ever since. According to Orouni‘s leader Rémi Antoni “After reading A Doll’s House I felt a strong desire to dedicate one of my songs to this play. At the time I was planning out my next record and was in the middle of writing a cycle of songs that evoked duality and confrontation”.

This music video is inspired by Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi’s works, that depicts melancholy, bourgeois solitude in almost colourless interiors, “capturing” the characters in their social condition. Masud‘s video successfully recreates this visual atmosphere and the alienation of a woman alone in her fight. Ibsen noted in early drafts of A Doll’s House “a woman cannot be herself in contemporary society, it is a society of men with laws written by men, whose counsellors and judges evaluate female behaviour from a male’s point of view”.

This stripped down version of ‘Nora (Naked)‘ will be included in Orouni‘s next record but in a “more orchestrated version”.