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La Féline ‘Triomphe’


The second album by La Féline gets its official UK release, and is being hailed by the UK press as “mysterious French pop at its finest” (Uncut, who have given the album 9/10) and a “chanson meets electro-pop gem” (Q Magazine).

In a previous life, La Féline was a trio who released a handful of EPs with diverse influences, trying to find their place amid different musical genres, languages, and experiences, and guided by the luminous vocals of singer and guitarist Agnès Gayraud. Then came debut album Adieu L’enfance  in 2014, on which La Féline essentially became a solo project.

For the follow-up, Triomphe, Agnès started by imagining herself as a ruthless warrior or Miyazaki-like wildling – on ‘Senga’, the opening track, she’s a character who talks to wolves and knows the secrets of the forest. After the intimate Adieu l’enfance, her songs have now opened up, suggesting a whole unexplored world within their crafted, emotive pop.

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