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Molécule ‘-22.7°C’


Free spirit Molécule’s latest meta-sonic adventure led him north to Greenland. Upon his return, he produced a concept album — -22.7°C — for Because Music, named after the lowest temperature recorded during his trip to the confines of the Arctic Circle.

In keeping with his previous sonic project, 60°43’ North, a 5-week odyssey aboard a trawler in the heart of the North Atlantic Ocean, -22.7°C springs from the same creative dogma: getting out of your comfort zone, confronting an extraordinary environment, capturing sounds and composing an album in situ without a single note being altered once the expedition is over. Molécule roamed the sea ice and fjords for thirty-six days, searching for sounds and impressions. Out of this voluntary exile emerged a taut and contemplative album.

-22.7°C opens with ‘ARIA‘s pulsating thump set amidst deep bass tones. Arpeggio synthesizers and basslines lead the way towards a darkened aura, bleeding through steadily percussive beats and distanced ethereal atmospheres.