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Mélanie De Biasio ‘Lilies’


French-signed Belgian singer Melanie De Biasio has released her third album Lilies, on PIAS. The album is mixed by Catherine Marks (PJ Harvey, Foals) and mastered by John Davis (FKA Twigs, Lana Del Rey). De Biasio sees the album as a return to basic principles following the epic 25-minute single ‘Blackened Cities’, and has described it as both dark and luminous.

The first the track to be released, ‘Gold Junkies‘, is powered by a deft but primal thump, and overall the album has an extra dose of soul and grit while losing none of the poise of breakthrough work No Deal. MOJO has already praised its “Nina Simone-esque haziness, trip-hop pulse, sparse arrangements and shape-shifting abstraction.” You’ll want to linger in the shadows.

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Melanie De Biasio ‘Gold Junkies’

French-signed Belgian singer Melanie De Biasio has released the track 'Gold Junkies', from the upcom...