M.I.L.K. feat. Benjamin Biolay 'Make My Way To Paris' - Oui Love - New French Music

M.I.L.K. feat. Benjamin Biolay ‘Make My Way To Paris’


French-signed Danish pop singer M.I.L.K. has collaborated with French icon Benjamin Biolay on a sensual new track. ‘Make My Way To Paris‘ is from M.I.L.K.’s forthcoming EP Maybe I Love Kokomo and provides more evidence of his exquisitely summery touch, with its delicate beats and warm rhythms.

This unexpected collaboration is a blissful union of the two voices, Biolay’s croon balancing out M.I.L.K.’s candid tone. The two of them sound perfect together, and the pair are clearly delighted with their collaboration. Emil Wilk, (M.I.L.K.’s real name), considers it a real success, saying that “it’s probably my favourite song I’ve ever been part of”. Let’s hope his future collaborations will be as captivating as this one!

M.I.L.K. is playing the Oui Love night at Birthdays on 16th May and then The Great Escape on Thur 17th and Fri 18th May.