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La Souterraine Presents C’est Extra


French label La Souterraine – which translates as the Underground – is a movement described by founders Benjamin Caschera and Laurent Bajon as “observing the French musical underground“. In just five years they’ve made a name for themselves as harbingers of the new wave of chanson – French pop mixed with rock’n roll, garage, new age, folk, electronic music and beyond.

This time they are gathering a collection of Léo Ferré covers by La Souterraine‘s finest acts. Ferré’s publisher Méridian felt a connection between his rebellious ways and La Souterraine’s philosophy and the union is quite natural as “Léo Ferré is one of the historic figureheads of chanson and working on this album was a good way for us to talk about social poetry and protest songs, politics and anarchy”.

Les Vilars, a band featured on the compilation perfectly sum up the general approach : “We cover Ferré’s music in modesty – but with a hint of insolence. It is the Ferré approach.”

The compilation is out today, go grab it!