La Féline ‘Royaume’


The most feline of French pop singers Agnès Gayraud has released her new EP, Royaume, on Kwaidan Records.

Recorded during sessions at Red Bull Studios in Paris, La Féline composed with two musicians she admires: Lætitia Sadier, a cult figure of the independent music scene (part of Franco-English band Stereolab in the 90s and today at the head of the Lætitia Sadier Source Ensemble), and Mondkopf,  an electronic composer with an epic, majestic sound.

The release is poised between different worlds, and the French and English languages, and includes a radical reworking of ‘Comme un guerrier’ by cult French songwriter Gérard Manset.

On 6th December, La Féline will take part in the Music Rendez-Vous series of concerts at London’s Institut Français followed by a Q&A.

More info here.

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