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KODÄMA ‘Black Cloud EP’


Jazztronica group KODÄMA  release their second EP Black Cloud, featuring five new tracks, after the success of a debut EP that was highly acclaimed by the likes of Gilles Peterson and Bradley Zero. Founded in 2016,  the band comprises a drummer, bass player Thomas Huguenel and singer Kiala Ogawa, daughter of former Fela Kuti guitarist Kiala Nzatovunga.

They finds their inspiration in Japanese folklore – “kodäma” meaning “echo” and relating to forest spirits – as well as West-African influences, as the cover of Fela Kuti’sWater No Get Enemy‘ suggests. Its fast-paced percussion and stripped-down arrangement provide a successful reinterpretation of Fela’s classic, with a bold and brilliant break showing the group’s full potential to deliver rich and clever creations. This deep and soulful blend of jazz parts and electronic elements brings an atmosphere that hints at dub, jazz and afrobeat and creates a truly unique sound.

KODÄMA will be playing live at Kallida Festival in Wales in late June alongside respected artists like Daniel Avery, French Bérite Godfather Teki Latex and dub and reggae dons Channel One, and more dates will be announced very shortly.

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