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Joon Moon ‘Tiger’


Joon Moon is a project that brings together songwriter and producer Julien Decoret, who has spent year touring the world playing double bass with Marc Collin’s Nouvelle Vague ensemble, drummer Raphaël Chassin, engineer Sébastien Trouvé and US singer Krystle Warren, who has worked with everyone from Rufus Wainwright to Hercules and Love Affair.

Their seductive sound mixes vintage and modern techniques, a seamless fusion of folk and soul, jazz licks and electronic washes. Their new video is for ‘Tiger’, a track from forthcoming album Moonshine Corners, but it’s another kind of beast that haunts this atmospheric, black and white gem.

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Joon Moon ‘Moonshine Corner’

Founded in the Montmartre area of Paris in 2014, Joon Moon is the meeting of songwriter-producer-ren...