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Imarhan ‘Temet’


Hailing from southern Algeria, Imarhan are a young Tuareg band who bring a distinctive and fresh approach to desert blues. Just like their first, their second album, Temet, was recorded in Paris in early 2017 with help from Tinariwen’s producer Eyadou Ag Leche (also cousin to Imarhan singer Sadam) and Patrick Votan and released on City Slang.

The group’s sound mixes old and new, east and west and matches acoustic passages with sturdy desert-blues-rock guitar riffs and solos on rousing songs such as ‘Alwa‘ and ‘Tumast‘. On ‘Tarha Nam‘ and the brilliant ‘Zinizjumegh‘, they sound a lot like their mentors Tinariwen but after an eponymous first album more anchored in the Tuareg tradition, Temet offers ten tracks in which the sounds of disco, funk and rock are blended with desert blues and it is a huge leap forward both creatively and artistically.

Having previously played European shows with Tinariwen, Kurt Vile, Songhoy Blues and Mdou Moctar, they return in March for a few European dates including one in London on 23rd March at the Moth Club.

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