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Halo Maud ‘Je suis une île’


Halo Maud has released her debut album Je suis une île on Heavenly Records.

Her keyboard-driven dream pop hails from the French progressive and experimental scene, where the likes of Melody’s Echo Chamber, Moodoïd and Aquaserge reign supreme. In this ethereal company she explores a path of her own and focuses on notions of freedom and power.

She explains the ambivalent atmosphere on the record in these words: “My father is a reverend but my mother rejected all religion, so I was always busy having a mystical crisis.” Je suis une île  is indeed a record full of mystery and juggles French and English lyrics – she feels that the difference between both is striking. “When I sing in English, the words float away from me straight away,” she explains. “When I sing in French, I feel something different, something more immediate, and I think the audience do too.”

Maud Nadal has delivered here a rich and beautiful album, and demonstrates that she is an artist to be reckoned with. According to Mojo it’s “yet another reason why French women rule music in 2018.”

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