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Halo Maud ‘Du Pouvoir’


French multi-instrumentalist Halo Maud has released her UK debut EP Du pouvoir on Heavenly Recordings. Originally out on her Canadian label Michel Records back in March 2017, the tracks on the EP are the product of solo experiments alongside collaborations with Maxime Le Guil (Camille, Radiohead, Soko) and Robin Leduc.

Maud says of the EP, “It is all about the beginning and the end: ‘Baptism’ being the second birth, ‘Du Pouvoir’ dealing with self-confidence and how to find your place in the world, and ‘À La Fin’ about what we keep and lose after love has gone. ‘Dans La Nuit’ is actually the very first song I wrote in French, and has all been written during the night, and dans la nuit, we float, we escape until the next day is coming.”

The leading track ‘Du pouvoir/Power‘, rewritten to include lyrics in both English and French, is a song about aimless wandering.

Maud will also headline London’s The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington on Friday 23rd February and perform at Heavenly Recordings’ Hebden Bridge weekender the next day. These shows take place during her UK tour with Baxter Dury.

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