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Françoise Hardy ‘Personne d’autre’


After a six year gap French icon Françoise Hardy is releasing her 24th studio album, Personne d’autre, on Parlophone / Warner Music.

The album features ten original songs and two covers, including an adaptation of Finnish band Poets Of The Fall. This song is the root of the whole album, as Hardy explains:

“For many – very reasonable – reasons, I wasn’t planning on making another album. Circumstances decided otherwise, starting with me falling in love with a song I heard completely by chance, ‘Sleep‘ by  Poets of the Fall. I played it to Erick Benzi (the album’s producer, who has worked on many seminal albums over the past few decades) who enjoyed it, then to my surprise sent me several beautiful melodies of his own composition that inspired me to write some lyrics.”

Hardy launched her career with instant hit Tous les garçons et les filles in the early 1960s, a record that sold millions and perfectly fit the yé-yé movement. Since then she has stood at the forefront of the French music scene, gaining recognition from Mick Jagger who described her as his “ideal woman”, Bob Dylan and Serge Gainsbourg.