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Forever Pavot ‘La Pantoufle’


After releasing a remarkable debut album Rhapsode in 2014, the multi-talented Émile Sornin aka Forever Pavot  has released a new album, La Pantoufle, on Born Bad Records.

Produced by Benjamin Glibert from Aquaserge, La Pantoufle walks in the footsteps of the great French composers like François de Roubaix, Jean-Claude Vannier, Francis Lai and Vladimir Cosma and sees Sornin deploy all his talents as an arranger.

On this new album he’s in his element, that is to say in a realm of psychedelic, baroque and cinematic pop that takes us several decades back, with tracks that could have served as the soundtrack to a thriller or a spy movie. On songs like ‘Le Beefteak’, ‘La Soupe à la Grolle’ or ‘Hutre’, the magnificent chords, catchy rhythmic loops and luxurious instrumentation combine to captivating effect.