DyE 'Inside Out' - Oui Love - New French Music

DyE ‘Inside Out’


Mixed by Tigersushi boss Joakim, DyE‘s third album retains the producer’s futuristic impulse while looking to the early 80s electronic pop of Martin Dupont, Liaisons Dangereuses and OMD for inspiration. It originally started as a covers album, but DyE quickly moved away from that concept and reached out to collaborators, friends and inspirations who helped him find new directions.

Inside Out‘s beautifully crafted tracks range from the French house sounds of ‘Turquoise Days’ with Benjamin Diamond (of Stardust fame) to the epic New Wave of ‘Emo Machine’ featuring Mark Kerr (Maestro) and Guillaume Teyssier; from the sweet and sour French pop of ‘Amours Satellites’ featuring Alice Lewis to the ethereal poetry of French writer Angie David on ‘Caprice Classic’ or the urgent Synth Pop of DyE’s cover of Martin Dupont’s ‘Inside Out‘.

DyE demonstrates his musical chops on the instrumentals as well, through the funky bass on ‘KFun’ and ‘MO5’, as well as his love of chemically enhanced electro and house on ‘SathorN’ and ‘Arkanoid’.