Cristobal & The Sea 'Exitoca' - Oui Love - New French Music

Cristobal & The Sea ‘Exitoca’


Recorded and produced in a self-made studio on the outskirts of Paris with upcoming London-based producer and artist Yehan Jehan, this second album from Cristobal And The Sea (released on City Slang) sees them adding a greater richness to their recording process and proving that harmony is very much possible when cultures are mixed. For Cristobal and the Sea, expatriates from France, Portugal, Spain, Egypt and USA, now based in London, their musical fusion is more than just an escapist plot; it is an alternative to the toxic mires of Brexit.

This philosophy is exemplified by lead single ‘Goat Flokk’ where searching lyrics are mixed with both Brazilian Tropicalia-like rhythms and a Syrian pop breakdown. Bossa anthem ‘Uma Voz’, meanwhile, reaches out to everyone experiencing the same nationless conditions.