Chloé ‘Endless Revisions’


After 20 years at the centre of the electronic scene, Chloé has long transcended her image as the resident DJ at legendary Parisian club Pulp. Endless Revisions, the follow-up to One In Other, and only her third full-length release, was seven years in the making. Now that she has set up her new label, Lumière Noire, and released a few EPs over the last year (by the likes of Il Est Vilaine and Sutja Guttierrez), the time felt right for the producer to come up with a new opus.

The producer continues to display the subtle, expert handling of electronic abstraction that has been evident since her first EP, but each of the album’s thirteen tracks has its own radically unique mood, and centerpiece ‘The Dawn’ offers over ten minutes of zero-gravity bliss while still retaining its link to techno.

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