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Bagarre ‘Danser Seul (Ne Suffit Pas)’


Following their first EP Bonsoir Nous Sommes Bagarre released in 2014 and Musique De Club the following year, Emmaï Dee, La Bête, Majnoun, Mus, and Maître Clap, return with a new track taken from their debut album.

After ‘Béton Armé‘, Bagarre have released a new video to accompany ‘Danser Seul (Ne Suffit Pas)‘, a song which represents the image of an ideal club, one that  according to the group is the mirror of an “open, diverse society with different skin colours and sexual orientations” and mixes techno, disco, house and hip-hop. As for the music video, it’s a true celebration of club culture and dancing, with the band has been surrounded by revellers, drag queens and friends.

Bagarre will release their album CLUB12345 on 23rd February on Entreprise.