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Anthony Joseph ‘People Of The Sun’


For ten years Anthony Joseph has travelled the world, recording and performing his music and poetry, but his connection to Trinidad has always remained. So, after having glorified his island by uniting pan-Caribbean musicians on the aptly named Caribbean Roots, Joseph went to Trinidad to record his new album, People of the Sun, out now on French label Heavenly Sweetness.

The intention was to soak up the intense effervescence of the island’s music — both past and present —in order to finally bring into existence the homage that had so long lurked in a corner of his mind. With his inimitable talent for blending soul, funk, jazz and Trinidadian ingredients, Anthony Joseph now reveals himself as a link between two generations of Trinidadian musicians, who joined forces to record together in the village of Sans Souci.

Highlights include a cover of Carol Addison’s classic tropical soul number ‘Jungle’ and ‘Milligan, The Ocean’, Anthony’s moving tribute to his father, who died shortly after the album was recorded.

You can listen back to Joseph’s session BBC Radio 4’s Loose Ends programme

Joseph will also be participating in the Windrush: A Celebration event at the Barbican on 17th November as part of the EFG London Jazz Festival.

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