ANNOUNCEMENT: Oui Love To Switch On What The France Website - Oui Love - New French Music

ANNOUNCEMENT: Oui Love To Switch On What The France Website


    Oui Love is your guide to the most exciting music acts coming out of France. The French music scene has never been as exciting or diverse, and Oui Love has been a platform for a new generation of artists reinventing what French music means.

    As of the 12th of December, Oui Love will be no more – in its place will be the international What the France site. What the France is the recommendation brand created by Le Bureau Export in 2017. We’ve already been sharing regular What The France playlists curated by artists including Ibeyi, Her, Blick Bassy, Petit Biscuit, Jean-Michel Jarre and more. Now the newly launched site will feature these playlists as well as the kind of artist news you’re used to finding on Oui Love.

    What the France‘s mission is the same as Oui Love’s – that of promoting made-in-France music to music lovers all over the world.  It is now time for the switch, and starting this week, we’ll gradually stop posting on this blog. You can rest assured that our mission continues under the new name.

    Thank you for following Oui Love, and keep your eyes peeled for more news.