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Anne Pacéo ‘Fables of Shwedagon’


Acclaimed French drummer Anne Pacéo‘s new album Fables of Shwedagon was recorded live during her residency at the Jazz sous les Pommiers festival in Coutances, Normandy, with her new compositions finding inspiration in Myanmarese mythology and nature.

The release consists of personal works inspired by Myanmarese music and includes a song composed by Hein Tint for the The Hsaing Waing Ensemble, the traditional Burmese Orchestra which has retained the same instrumental line-up for several hundred years.

As Anne Pacéo says “the ensemble is composed of five French jazz improvisers and five Myanmarese musicians, who managed to make European and Burmese music meet by embracing a totally different way of playing music”, first during a jam session and then through the compositions on Fables of Shwedagon that feature a guitar, drums and double bass but also various drums and gongs such as the maung zaing, a pat waing and a traditional burmese flute, the hné.

Listen to an excerpt of the full performance